1 Euro A Day, The Price Of Public Transport In Berlin To Reduce Pollution

The mayor of the German capital is considering an annual public transport fee of € 365 to reduce traffic and pollution.

Berliners could pay as little as one euro a day to use public transport for a year, according to the plans of the German capital to reduce the circulation of private cars and reduce air pollution, as announced by their mayor. The normal price of an annual subscription is 761 euros.

Step by step I want to achieve the goal of introducing an annual public transport ticket of 365 euros.

Michael Müller.

This measure would make Berlin the last German city to emulate what is known as the “ Vienna model ”: the use of public transport in the Austrian capital has exploded since the operator Wiener Linien lowered the price of a season pass annual from 449 euros to 365 euros in May 2012.

In Vienna, 822,000 people, almost half of the city’s population, have an annual ticket, and the percentage of trips by metro, tram or bus has risen to 38%, compared to 27% in Berlin, 23 % in Munich and 18% in Hamburg.

Several European cities are studying the models of annual tickets in Vienna.

In Bonn, the annual ticket of 1 euro a day has not aroused the expected interest, they have only sold 5,258 of the 17,000 available tickets.

One of the big problems for cities is the financing of this measure.

In Berlin, the plan is estimated to have an additional annual cost of about 100 million euros, according to the Tagesspiegel newspaper.

More information: www.theguardian.com

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