10 Recommended Channels On Youtube To Learn How To Grow Food

More and more people want to grow their own food, but do not always know how to do it correctly and efficiently. If you want to know which are the YouTube channels that can guide you in this task, keep reading.

Today we are going to talk to you about 10 YouTube channels where you can learn to cultivate in an ecological way and in a very practical way. You can not lose this.

YouTube channels to learn to cultivate.

In each of them you will find the best tips and tricks to solve the little problems that arise when cultivating your own urban garden.

Toni’s orchard.

In this channel you can find videos to learn how to sow, how to make seedlings, how to transplant, how to take care of fruit trees, experiments and organic remedies.

Ray’s terragal.

A great channel where you will also learn how to produce food with low impact techniques. Also on regenerative and organic agriculture.

Therefore, the best way to grow at home, Ray’s terregal puts it in your hands.

Ivan’s garden.

An interesting channel where you will find great videos on how to sow, plant seeds and fruit trees. Also everything about remedies for plants and fertilizers.

Also, together with Iván, you can do DIY, experiments and much more.

Garden things.

In this channel, accompanied by Gabriel, you can learn tips and tricks for the garden. He will also give you wonderful recommendations so that your garden is the best of all.

Info garden.

If you want to learn DIY or reproduce plants, whether common or exotic, this is the best channel. In addition, you will find simple explanations that will make planting your garden a fantastic experience.

D Nol Farming.

A channel that in addition to teaching you how to plant, also gives you the solution to many of those problems in your garden. Therefore you learn how to make both indoor and outdoor gardens easily.

They also have an application and a chat with the community to answer questions. Isn’t that wonderful?

Dun neno labrego newspaper.

To start you will find a lot of variety and learning about how to work the garden and urban gardens.

In addition, in a very pleasant way, it teaches you to cultivate in an ecological way, respecting the environment.You can’t miss it!


A great channel where you will see tips and solutions on organic farming. You will also be able to learn about conventional techniques and new techniques that are discovered through studies and people’s concerns.

In addition, this channel talks about crops, buildings and instruments that will make the task of planting much easier.

Miquera 73.

He puts his experience at your disposal on this channel. Therefore you find everything that refers to orchards, gardens, crops, seedbeds, irrigation, pests and diseases. As well as tips, tricks and much more.

The garden is easy.

Javi tells you about his experience in self-sufficient gardens. It is a channel dedicated exclusively to the garden, so that all fans can grow their own food.

It also shows you how to do it from your own urban garden, home, pot or organic garden.


In fact, it is a very original channel, since they show you how to cultivate from your own garden.

But they also take you around the world showing you community gardens as an example of urban agriculture. Their proposal is very interesting!

With these channels, you no longer have an excuse to set up your own urban garden and start growing your own food.

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