11 Projects With Pallets Step By Step

Projects with pallets step by step

Today we share 11 projects with pallets that you can carry out yourself step by step. Remember that to carry out these projects you will first have to treat and prepare the pallets and leave them ready for work.

  1. Planter with pallets.
  2. Bed for your dog.
  3. Wine rack.
  4. Fruit box.
  5. Magazine rack.
  6. Shoemaker.
  7. Candleholder.
  8. Greengrocer.
  9. Small flower pots.
  10. Coffee table.
  11. Shelving with pallet slats and ropes.

Planter with pallets.

How to make a planter with pallets

How to make a planter with reclaimed wood from pallets and prevent the wood from rotting with watering. A project with a spectacular result.

Bed for your dog with pallets.

How to make a bed for your dog with pallets

The following idea is very easy to do, and it will help you stick to a budget. It is a very nice bed for your dog that can be placed anywhere in the house, where you can find some free space.

Wine rack with a pallet.

Shelf came with pallet

A simple transformation will turn a disused pallet into a fantastic piece of furniture for our wine bottles and glasses.

Fruit box.

Fruit boxes can be used to make countless pieces of furniture or decorations.

Magazine rack.

We recycle a pallet that we have found on the street and with it we have made a nice magazine rack that is hung on the wall.


In this tutorial we want to teach you how to make your own floor shoe rack. You just need to have a couple of pallets and the right tools on hand.


If you want to have a detail with a friend, you cannot miss this video tutorial. In it we teach you how to make a beautiful candle holder using only a strip from a pallet. The final result will not go unnoticed ????


In this video tutorial we show you how to make your own vertical greengrocer using just a couple of pallets. The result is practical and beautiful.

Small flower pots.

We teach you to make beautiful flower pots using only the blocks of a pallet. A very simple job and with a very attractive end result.

Coffee table.

We explain step by step how to make a liftable coffee table with pallets! In a little while we will post the description in text of the step by step of this video.

Shelving with pallet slats and ropes.

A shelf with slats of pallets and rope, to hang on the wall.

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