18 Sustainable Organic Farming Techniques

A practical manual of sustainable organic agriculture written by producers, from their experience, who have been developing this type of agriculture in El Salvador for years, with very good results for production. A practical manual that provides detailed recipes in relation to the techniques, with pictures to make it easier to understand.


  1. Organic dewormer based on tincture of Neem.
  2. Antidiarrheal based on guava leaves.
  3. Organic soil insecticides.
  4. Broth Burdelés.
  5. Foliar fertilizer of Zompopo Bran.
  6. Foliar fruit fertilizer.
  7. Bocashi type organic fertilizer.
  8. Green manures.
  9. Control of the Zompopo.
  10. Fermentation of Microorganisms of Momaña (MM).
  11. Preparation of Native Microorganisms (MN) or Momaña Microorganisms (MM) in liquid form.
  12. Biofertilizer.
  13. EM5 insecticide.
  14. Pruning.
  15. Preparation of Substrate for Vegetable Seedbed.
  16. Papaya leaves based fungicide.
  17. Insecticide for the control of Fall Armyworm.
  18. Epasin plant-based insecticide.


Via Caritas of El Salvador.

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