20 Recycled Shipping Containers Converted Into A Hotel Among 58 Hectares Of Vineyards

20 recycled shipping containers converted into a hotel and office building located in a winery among 58 hectares of vineyards in California.

The rooms in this curious hotel have an unusual design centered on a raised ceiling area in order to improve space, ventilation and light inside.

The project was christened the Geneseo Inn and was designed by Echotech Design, in collaboration with the manufacturer Crate Modular, in addition to the owners of the winery in which it is located, Steve Cass and Ted Plemons.

It has seven standard hotel rooms, each of which is made of two 6m long containers attached to a 3.6m high “cathedral ceiling” structure in the center that serves as the entrance.

Containers rise above the vineyard on multiple steel piles to create a covered parking area below, and enhance views over the surrounding wine country. A 3.6m high administration building with multiple windows enhances natural ventilation and daylight to save energy and create healthier interiors. In addition, the skylight raises the roof to visually open lower adjacent container spaces.

Ecotech Design.

The interior of each hotel room includes a sleeping area, a living room and a bathroom, as well as a small deck in the front and another in the rear. In addition, the project has a larger suite consisting of a 12m container and a 6m container, while the office is made up of four 6m containers.

The colors of the buildings match the wine labels used in the winery. Other materials used include locally sourced recycled corten steel, recycled glass, cement blocks and roofing. Recycled wood from the winery as well as various other agricultural structures were also used to make the roof and floors.

The container roofs are designed to incorporate solar panels and green roofs in the future and the containers are also insulated to mitigate their poor thermal performance, which is always one of the main concerns of these container-based shipping projects.

More information: www.casswines.com

Images: facebook.com/geneseoinn

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