Month: October 2019

13 Inventions That Save Lives In The World

13 inventions that save lives or make it easier for those with fewer resources. All of them have in common their low cost so that they can benefit as many people as possible. Here they are: The iron fish that can save millions of lives. Bike-Blender, Bike-Mill, Bike-Pump. ReMotion. Digital drum. Moser lamp. Zeer Pot

Solar Roads Shake Up Global Infrastructure

Half a dozen solar roads change the vision to infrastructure. The race for functional and sustainable projects continues its course, now there are ways that not only can be used to circulate with our vehicles, they can also have other functionalities, such as generating clean energy to seek balance with the environment. New solar road projects

Complete Guide To Care For Succulents Indoors

Indoor succulents. Image: Igisheva Maria Shutterstock Below you will receive some recommendations to take care of succulent plants, ideal plants for both decoration and air purification in our homes. The succulent is a type of plant that is characterized by storing water in leaves ,  roots and stems to cope with drought. They are normally