Month: January 2020

At Princeton They Use Sunlight To Extract Hydrogen From Sewage

Professor Zhiyong Jason Ren and Lu Lu. A microbial photoelectrochemical system developed at Princeton University to obtain hydrogen from wastewater. The need to flexibly manage non-programmable renewable energies is turning hydrogen into one of the technological elements on which the energy transition is based, like other storage systems. But this gas also plays an essential

Who Killed The Electric Car?

A documentary by Chris Paine that denounces the reasons electric cars were wiped off the map after their promising start in the 90s. It describes who was to blame for their disappearance. It tells the story of General Motors EV1, the first high-performance electric car marketed in 1996. Six years later, General Motors decided to

Technical Guide For Harvesting Rainwater

This guide will teach you how to easily and economically capture and store rainwater that can be used in agricultural production (chakras or home gardens), in animal consumption, drinking trough and cleaning pens), and in household chores ( washing clothes and cleaning the house). Index. 1. Introduction. 2. Objective. 3. Climate of the Ecuadorian Sierra.