Month: April 2020

China Will Build A Space Station To Produce Photovoltaic Energy And Send It To Earth

Solar space station. Image: Andrey Armyagov Shutterstock China seeks the highest efficiency to generate clean energy, and this project seems like science fiction. It is a solar station that will not suffer interference from the atmosphere since it will be located thirty-six thousand kilometers from Earth and will even serve to explore other planets. China

Volunteers Plant 67,500 Trees In A Portuguese Forest Devastated By Forest Fires

Thousands of volunteers planted trees in Portugal’s oldest forest, burned by last year’s devastating fires. Around 3,000 volunteers planted some 67,500 pine trees in the Leiria forest in central Portugal on Sunday. Cidalia Ferreira, mayor of Marinha Grande, a municipality in the Leiria district, pointed out that this first effort was only the beginning of