Month: May 2020

Swish. Sustainable Diaper Cleaning System.

Swish is a prototype of a diaper washing machine that aims to use washable diapers (cloth), in order to eliminate disposable ones, one of the most polluting and difficult to recycle waste that currently exists. A spherical-shaped washing machine that combines the advantages of vertical and horizontal load washers. It uses solar thermal and photovoltaic

The Construction Of The “largest Offshore Wind Farm In The World” Begins, It Will Be Able To Feed 4.5 Million Homes

Offshore wind farm. Image: Riekelt Hakvoort Shutterstock Construction work on the huge offshore wind farm in the North Sea is already underway. Power company SSE announced that onshore work for the 3.6GW Dogger Bank wind farm project had started near Ulrome, a coastal town in the East Riding of Yorkshire, England. The Dogger Bank wind

2020, The Beginning Of The End For Oil?

There comes a time for all great technologies when something better is born and it no longer makes sense. It has already happened with smartphones in recent years, with color televisions in the 70s or even with gasoline cars in the early 20th century. Predicting these changes over time is difficult, but when they do,

Reusable Adhesive Solar Tape

Solar energy has come a long way from the gigantic solar plants of the desert. Advances in nanomaterials and microtechnology now offer unprecedented design possibility. The solar tape concept pushes the limits of portable solar power by offering a reusable strip again and again. You can instantly transform almost any object into a solar power

Oasisaw. A Swing To Draw Water From A Well Without Electricity

OasiSaw is an innovative system that uses energy generated by a swing to extract groundwater. The seesaw’s iconic design harnesses the energy generated during gameplay to power the pump, a pump that incorporates a carbon nanotube water filter. Playing produces clean, drinkable water for communities without access to electricity. Designer: Jinhyuk Kim / via