Month: September 2020

How To Make A Homemade Solar Cell Grätzel

We have previously published the manufacturing process of a copper solar cell for educational purposes. Today we will learn how we can build a Grätzel solar cell for educational purposes. The Grätzel solar cell is made up of TiO2 (titanium dioxide – semiconductor material) painted with a colorant, an electrolyte (iodine solution), two glass electrodes

25 Solutions To Save Water At Home

Water is a very scarce commodity and it should be everyone’s responsibility to use it responsibly. For years we have been sharing a multitude of devices that help us save water in our homes, often in a simple way. We are talking about a wide range of devices that will allow you to reduce water

New Chevrolet Bolt In Pre-production

Competition among automakers offering electric models will move to a wider clientele around the world. A new generation of “electric cars” is coming with the long-awaited Tesla Model 3. Per is not going to be the only novelty. The rest of the brands are also sharpening their weapons and are already announcing technologies for a