Month: October 2020

Solar Sheep To Reduce The Footprint Of Renewables

Solar sheep. Image: Kletr Shutterstock C2 Energy Capital has decided to expand its vegetation maintenance program in solar parks with sheep. C2 Energy Capital LLC, a rapidly growing investor within the renewable energy and electrical storage sector, has decided to expand its solar sheep program for vegetation maintenance after a very successful pilot program launched

Sq3d Prints A House In 12 Hours For $2,000

Thanks to a revolutionary, self-contained and energy efficient robotic building system, S-Squared 3D printed an entire house in just half a day. 3D printing is changing the future of the automotive, medical and design industries and, for some, has already laid the groundwork to revolutionize the construction industry. S-Squared 3D Printers Inc. firmly believes of

How To Make A Potato Last 20 Years

Chuño. Image: Luis Fernandez Shutterstock Andean farmers have the secret for a potato to last 20 years. They use the chuño method and as a result they get a potato that can last for many years. Over time, Andean farmers have developed ways of farming that are resistant to droughts and frost. In this way,

Solar Information Point.

The solar energy is one of the greenest in energy sources. We have seen solar gadgets of all kinds, cars, mobiles, houses …, but this new concept developed by designer Matteo Straforini is novel because we have never seen an information point  powered by solar energy, where you can get information about a city. This

Solar Cars Fair And Solar Atacama Race 2012

Today, May 9, the second edition of the Solar Car Fair begins , where teams from all over Chile will exhibit the prototypes that will participate in Carrera Solar Atacama 2012 on November 15 in northern Chile. The activity seeks to bring together the exhibiting teams with businessmen interested in energy development, in order to