Month: December 2020

Book Environmental Education And Responsible Consumption

Update: After the successful crowdfunding campaign, the book is finally published and for sale. You canbuy it in this link. For more information Jose Liétor, Doctor in Biology (specializing in Ecology), seeks the necessary funding to be able to publish his book ” Environmental Education and Responsible Consumption ” through a crowdfunding campaign. With

Qflow, The Ecological Heater

QFlow is an ecological flame-fed heater. Its ventilation allows you to create a zone with a comfortable temperature around it. From this area you can access a warm air conditioning without gas and electricity. Related: Egloo. Heat your room without electricity for 10 cents a day. Simple and intuitive. Up to 100 hours of continuous

Prvok, The Czech Houseboat Printed In 3d That Builds In 24 Hours

The Czech company Buřinka presents Prvok, a housing module that focuses on innovation, flexibility and reducing emissions. In recent years, 3D printing has had a decisive influence on modern construction technologies, leading to a long list of sustainable, cheap and fast construction projects. Nowadays, the production of accessories reinforces its relationship with architecture with a

Devap. Innovative Air Conditioning System.

A team of North American engineers has managed to develop a refrigeration system called DEVap that uses up to 90% less electrical energy than current air conditioners and is also non-polluting. The DEVap achieves its electrical efficiency thanks to the fact that it combines various elements already present in air conditioning devices, in a new