Month: January 2021

The Ecobola Scam

Tests and studies carried out in recent years have shown that its washing results are very similar to those that would be obtained by washing with only water. Our advice: Do you want to save? Put less detergent. Already in 2011 the National Consumer Institute (INC) demanded 14 ecoball manufacturers to remove misleading advertising from

The Volkswagen Group’s Electric Offensive: 70 Models In 10 Years

Volkswagen Budd-e. Image: Slava296 Shutterstock The German manufacturer relaunches its electric mobility plans. Objective: Sell 22 million electric vehicles. With the new electric vehicles and the strategic agreements, the Volkswagen Group puts battery production aside. Volkswagen VW ID Concept. Image: Grzegorz Czapski Shutterstock The Volkswagen group is once again raising the banner of electric mobility.

Properties, Benefits And Uses Of Wine Vinegar

Properties, benefits and uses of wine vinegar. Image: 5PH Shutterstock Wine vinegar is used at the table as a condiment, but it is also indicated for some beauty treatments. It is also a product that has a beneficial effect on our body: it is indicated in low-calorie diets, it does not contain cholesterol and it

Solar Energy For Irrigation: Solutions And Types

Image: Tofan Singh Chouhan – Shutterstock. Among the various applications for photovoltaic panels is their use in the generation of solar energy for agricultural irrigation. As in domestic and commercial installations, here the technology is also presented as an economical and sustainable solution to replace other sources of energy. Using only sunlight as “fuel”, the

One Bike. The Total Bicycle.

One Bike is an innovation, as well as a nice and strange electric bike, which turns into an exercise bike and also generates its own energy. It is a device that can generate electricity for later use, through kinetic energy, since it has built-in batteries in which the energy produced is stored. After normal use

How To Know Which Are The Best Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Image: sondem – Shutterstock. The renewable energy market is constantly changing. We already have several options to make our energy consumption even more environmentally friendly. In this article we want to talk about everything that must be taken into account when choosing the best photovoltaic panels 2020. How to choose the best photovoltaic panels 2020

Acciona 100% Ecopowered. High Competition With Renewable Energies

ACCIONA, a Spanish infrastructure, renewable energy and water group, has designed the first transoceanic regatta boat with power generation systems based entirely on renewable sources, the ACCIONA 100% EcoPowered. The boat has been officially presented in Barcelona by the President of ACCIONA, José Manuel Entrecanales, in the framework of the Global Clean Energy Conference 2011,

Cop 21, The Paris Agreements On Climate Change

An agreement signed by 195 countries that seeks to fight against climate change. Meeting at COP 21 in Paris, the main agreement reached is that the temperature does not rise more than 2ºC in relation to pre-industrial levels, although 1.5ºC is set as a goal. A proposal that over the years, we hope to be