Month: March 2021

The Portable Kitchen That Uses Used Oil As Fuel

Maybe you didn’t know, but the oil already used for cooking can be reused again. This portable cooker uses used vegetable oil as biofuel for cooking. You want to change the common practice of using firewood or fossil fuels like oil for cooking. This kitchen not only recycles, it also makes the kitchen safer. The

Ecobot Iii, A Robot That Works With Human Urine

Scientists from the University of Bristol and the Robotics Laboratory in Bristol, England, recently introduced Ecobot III, a robot with a heart that runs on human urine, a cheap and abundant resource, inexhaustible renewable energy. So urine could become the energy of the future! There are robots that look like people, and then there are

Can You Step On Photovoltaic Solar Panels?

Can we step on the photovoltaic modules? What happens when we step on the photovoltaic solar panels? It is common to see photos and videos of people walking or stepping on the modules. It is advisable? No, we cannot step on the photovoltaic modules. The answer to this question is a resounding “NO”. The answer

Biotope. Room For Birds In Bricks

The Biotope brick  is a brick typology designed to create a suitable environment for the life of birds in cities. It was designed specifically with the disappearance of the house sparrow in the Netherlands and the need for nature to recover in cities. The design is contextualized in the traditional red brick facades synonymous with