Month: April 2021

Miracle In Shenzen: 16,000 Electric Buses In 6 Years

The Chinese megalopolis of 11 million people will be the world’s first city with a full fleet of electric buses by the end of 2017. Electric buses are being practically eaten in China, specifically in Shenzen, a metropolis of 11 million inhabitants, which already launched a pilot project in 2011. In just six years, the

Msc To Eliminate Single-use Plastic From Its Cruises

Cruise ship in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Image: Dziewul Shutterstock MSC announces an ambitious program to reduce its plastics in the seas and travel a little more respectful of the environment. Although they still have a long way to go, plastic is only the tip of the iceberg of one of the most polluting vacation models, with

Airbus Wants To Save Jobs By Making Hydrogen Planes

CEO Faury expects the support of the German government to keep the jobs. Aircraft manufacturer Airbus hopes that the German state will support it in dealing with the COVID-19 crisis. As already announced, Airbus plans to cut a total of 15,000 jobs by the summer of 2021, including 5,100 in Germany alone. With government support,

This Self-sufficient Australian House Grows Its Own Food, Energy And Water

Building a self-sufficient home may involve a higher initial investment, but it is usually worth it in the long run thanks to increased efficiency and lower energy bills. Sydney neighbors Geoff Carroll and Julie Young did just that by hiring CplusC Architectural Workshop to renovate their 1980s home into an environmentally friendly, energy self-sufficient home

How To Grow Potatoes In Sacks

Grow potatoes in sacks. Image: Graham Corney – Shutterstock. It is not true that in order to grow potatoes you can only do it if you have a vegetable garden or garden or if you have a large patio for this purpose. The truth is that it only takes imagination and work. Today we will

The First Solar-table That Generates Clean Energy

A design by ArtesMoble, manufactured and designed entirely in Spain, capable of generating and storing clean and free energy thanks to the sun. An innovative design, beautiful aesthetics, ecological and autonomous, which generates solar energy for the different devices that can be connected to it. It is manufactured in two sizes: 160 x 100 x