Month: June 2021

Cross Rider. New Ecological Vehicle From Seur.

SEUR, the most important express transport and logistics company in Spain and Portugal, has presented in Valencia its new ecological vehicle “Cross Rider”, a small car with an electric motor, which will be used for the delivery of small packages. size and messaging in urban areas. The presentation of this vehicle has taken place at

13 Homemade Recipes For Ecological Cleaning

Why not reduce our impact on the planet by making our own eco-friendly cleaning products ? In addition to contributing to the environment, we can also  save money. Today, the use of organic products has become a worldwide trend. This is thanks to the work of people and companies who love the environment, who explain

Who Killed The Electric Car?

A documentary by Chris Paine that denounces the reasons electric cars were wiped off the map after their promising start in the 90s. It describes who was to blame for their disappearance. It tells the story of General Motors EV1, the first high-performance electric car marketed in 1996. Six years later, General Motors decided to