5 Online Companies Trying To Reduce Their Co2 Emissions

Today awareness of climate change and the preservation of our planet is increasingly widespread, reaching the boards of large companies like these.

1. Facebook.

Almost at the beginning of this decade, the company made public for the first time data regarding its emissions and the origin of the energy they used.

Despite its enormous growth, the data revealed that its impact on the atmosphere was quite low compared to other giants in the network , which was great news along with the fact that they aspired to increase the percentage of renewable energy used.

Most of their emissions came from data centers located in the US , which is why they planned to create green data centers taking advantage of the climate of colder countries to keep them cool.

2. Google.

It also adopted a transparency policy some time ago , but its data, a priori, were not so positive. A priori. It turned out that the emissions of this gigantic company would be at the level of the emissions of entire countries .

Of course, from Google they ensured that their servers were optimized in such a way that their emissions were much lower than those of other companies and data processing centers. In other words, the problem was not that their media were highly polluting (in fact, by processing their servers the information of others would reduce the impact on the environment of said processing), but that they were tremendously numerous and, together, they presented a high degree of emissions.

Apart from the use of highly sophisticated servers in order to minimize their impact, Google also made use of renewable energy (approximately ⅓ of the energy used) and aspired to reduce its emissions by maintaining these initiatives and resorting to similar ones.

3. Apple.

The company, very committed to reducing its impact on the environment, has been cutting CO2 emissions derived from the entire manufacturing process of its products , focusing especially on obtaining the necessary materials, during which emissions tend to be very high.

Likewise, the vast majority of their activities and structures are sustained by renewable energies , to the point that a few years ago only 13% of their energy came from fossil fuels , although they were determined to reduce that number to the figure that should be : 0.

4. Betsson Group.

The Swedish online gambling giant, aware of its responsibility and alert to the company’s CO2 emissions, has been directing its efforts for some years to offset and minimize its impact on the environment .

On the one hand, financing ecological projects such as the Huili Solar Project , a Chinese initiative aimed at encouraging the use of this renewable and clean energy source. On the other, the company tries to orient its activities and operations towards reducing emissions , both in large movements and in the suggestions offered to its employees while they remain in the work environment.

We know that, despite the importance of this company, it is not as well known to the general public as others we mentioned, so we leave you this link in case you want to know more about Betsson.

5. Microsoft.

Microsoft’s efforts are also well known, since once they managed to achieve emission neutrality , they took the step of committing themselves and initiating the necessary efforts to minimize their emissions by 75% by 2030 .

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