7 Ways To Lose Weight With Environmental Awareness

7 environmentally conscious ways to lose weight

If getting in shape is one of our goals, now you will discover the way to lose weight without having to join a gym and without forgetting your concern for the environment. Some simple tips with which you will improve your health.

1. Drive less. Walk more. Use the bicycle.

Drive less.  Walk more.  Use the bicycle.

Everyone knows that leaving the car in the garage is very good for the environment, pollution from large cities is news almost daily. But how about starting to see it as a benefit to yourself? Start by taking small excursions on foot or by bike ( reasons to ride a bike ), make this a habit and you will soon see the difference in your body, while helping to decrease your individual carbon footprint. Walk more.

2. Eat the most ecological dish.

Eat the most ecological dish.

Make meals richer in fruits and vegetables, replacing meat with low-calorie foods as much as possible. In this way, in addition to maintaining a balanced diet, reduce your monthly expenses and help reduce your greenhouse gas emissions related to livestock. If you are one of those who cannot live without eating meat, at least try to decrease the frequency in which it appears on the plate.

3. Encourage local agriculture or grow your own food.

A good way to motivate yourself to eat better is to participate in the planting and harvesting of small plots and gardens in the city. If you don’t see yourself doing this, try to encourage small farmers by buying local fruits and vegetables that grow near your neighborhood or city, which do not require the use of large trucks for transportation. Besides being fresher, they are generally richer in nutrients and less contaminated with pesticides.

4. Volunteer in outdoor activities.

Doing activities outdoors is always more pleasant and less polluting. If you have a little free time on the weekends, enjoy volunteering for nature conservation. Instead of staying home watching TV, burn calories with activities that help your city become a more sustainable city.

5. Drink fewer calories.

All of these tips will not be enough to reduce your weight if you are drinking gallons of calories in sugary juices, sodas and coffee. Always give preference to homemade juices with fresh fruit.

On the other hand, industrialized beverages also increase the carbon footprint, since they consume energy and natural resources in their production, not to mention the packaging that ends up in the garbage after using them. So buying bottled water is pointless if you have a filter at home or at work, for example. Change your habits.

6. Plan a home garden.

Plan a home garden.

To have a garden or orchard at home it is not necessary to spend a lot, the space required is not much either. You can reuse the cans and containers as vases, and even use plastic bottles to build a vertical garden. You can grow your own vegetables.

If you decide to start growing your own vegetables with this article you will save a lot of money:  18 vegetables and herbs that you will only have to buy once.

7. Stay in closer contact with nature.

Do your best outdoors. From yoga to playing with your dog. When we are in a closed environment, we are forced to consume energy, to keep lights on, television, fan…. Instead of going to a gym, why not go to the beach, a park or a quiet street to do aerobics? In addition to exercising outside, this will continue to develop your love of nature. And you will probably make new friends.

Can you think of any more? Share it with us …

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