8 Fruits And Vegetables That You Can Eat Whole

Edible fruits and vegetables. Image: By Fotofreaks Shutterstock

Globally, food waste is a serious problem, an intolerable waste of resources. Only in the USA 40% of wasted food. This causes a damage to your pocket and a very negative impact on the environment. One of the ways you have to reduce your organic waste is to know which fruits and vegetables you can eat whole.

There are measures against food waste that can be achieved by changing some habits. First and surely most important, shop smart, store better, eat leftovers, and donate to food banks are some great ideas.

Another very good idea is to buy those fruits and vegetables that you can eat whole, without wasting anything. If you don’t know what they are, we will tell you about them in this article.

Fruits and vegetables that you can eat whole.

We give you a list of 8 fruits and vegetables of which nothing is wasted.


Strawberries Image: KatyaPulina Shutterstock

A delicious fruit that you can eat even the leaves. In fact, the stem and leaves of the strawberry have health benefits.

They are excellent digestives and are loaded with vitamins that can help improve arthritis. In addition, strawberry leaves can help relieve stomach pain, nausea, stomach cramps and diarrhea.

You can prepare them, for example, in infusions or blend in a smoothie.

Grow your own strawberries.


Carrots Image: Africa Studio Shutterstock

The green leaves of carrots are also edible. The green top of the carrot is bitter, but if you sauté it with other vegetables you can eat it. These leaves are loaded with nutrients that you could take advantage of.


The potato can be eaten with its skin, its nutrients and benefits are as many as those of the internal part. The whole potato is full of micronutrients, especially vitamin B, C and niacin. Also the skin contains iron, potassium and magnesium.

Grow your own potatoes.


Cabbage stalks contain a lot of fiber, to eat them you must blanch them and then sauté them. You can also fry, pickle and use it in casseroles, salads or rice.

Cauliflower with leaves.

You can eat the flower, the stems and the leaves of this food and everything is loaded with vitamins. First peel the skin from the stem and add to broths or grated to add to salads.


Pumpkin. Image: By Chamille White Shutterstock

You can eat every part of the pumpkin, flowers, stems, seeds, and meat. You can eat pumpkin flowers from the plant, they are sweet and delicious. You can also add these flowers to salads.

In addition, the leaves can be used in salads and the seeds can be fried in oil, added to salt and prepared as a snack. On the other hand, the pulp can be eaten as a puree, in soups or smoothies.


Watermelon. Image: Vittee9 Shutterstock

It is packed with vitamin A, C, magnesium, potassium, and other nutrients. You can eat its pulp, but also its peel. The peel can help lower blood pressure.


Luckily for this superfood, you can eat the leaves and the stem. It’s packed with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, use it in stews, salads, and as a substitute for spinach.

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