A Desk-sized Turbine Capable Of Powering 10,000 Houses

A turbine the size of a desk capable of powering 10,000 houses

General Electric has unveiled a new turbine prototype that runs on “supercritical carbon dioxide”, a system that could be cheaper than network storage batteries. It is 50% more efficient than conventional steam turbines, capable of generating the same electricity as a conventional turbine 10 times greater.

The turbine, the size of a desk, could power up to 10,000 houses. It is fed with “supercritical carbon dioxide”, of high pressure and temperature of 700 ° C, thus maintaining the gas in a state between liquid and gaseous. As it passes through the turbine, it cools and then re-repressurizes it to go through it again.


Its ability to turn on and off quickly, taking only 1-2 minutes to be operational, make it ideal for storing energy at grid scale.

The prototype that General Electric has designed is 10 megawatts, but they intend to increase it to 33 megawatts.

The General Electric system is ideal for converting the heat from solar energy stored in molten salts into electricity, which makes it a more favorable option compared to batteries. Very suitable for use in peak demand.

Via  technologyreview.es  –  gereports.com

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