A Galician Farm Looks For The “green Hero” Of Spain

The ecological farm Casa Grande de Xanceda wants to honor all those who work every day to create a more sustainable world. They can be proposed to those people or entities that deserve such an award. The winner will get € 2,000 to donate to the cause of their choice.

For its 50th anniversary caring for cows and as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility plan, the Galician farm Casa Grande de Xanceda, located in the interior of the province of A Coruña, has launched its Héroes Verdes project. An action that seeks to find people, associations or companies that fight, to the extent of their possibilities, for a more sustainable world, taking actions that help maintain biodiversity and environmental balance, as well as animal welfare.

With this new project, the company wants to celebrate its 50 years as farmers, recognizing those small acts that allow us all to enjoy a better and diverse world. For this, it has launched the website www.heroesverdes.com through which anyone can apply for their particular “green hero”: family, teachers, friends, associations, NGOs, companies … In the first 5 days the website already accumulates more than 30 nominations of the most diverse, and many more still await. Anyone who, in their day to day, works to create a more sustainable world, whether it is big actions or the smallest ones that go unnoticed, have a chance at Héroes Verdes.

Voting is carried out at the click of a button on the website of the contest, and as in any democratic system, campaigns can be carried out to get more votes, sharing the candidacies on social networks. This has already been done by several of the candidates presented who are now leading the votes as Asociación Cometa or Protectora Moura.

The person or entity that receives the most votes will be awarded a check for € 2,000 that will be donated to the association or environmental project of their choice. Applicants in second and third position will receive € 500 each, with the same objective. Héroes Verdes is a tribute to highlight the effort and tenacity of all those who work every day to make the world a little better place for all of us who live in it.

Big House of Xanceda.

Casa Grande de Xanceda is a Galician ecological farm that has a high environmental and animal welfare commitment with its 380 happy cows. In addition to producing high-quality dairy products, such as organic yogurts, they have a Social Responsibility plan that brings together projects for education in schools on responsible animal ownership, such as EduCANdo with Malibu, or as Cultiva Mazás, which encourages entrepreneurship in rural areas. . Her work in this area was awarded last year with the Xunta’s RSE Galicia award. Héroes Verdes is the latest initiative of this ecological dairy company that makes commitment to society a flag of differentiation.

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