A Green Wall That Uses Clay Modules To Form A Natural Cooling System

In their latest project using clay, the Indian architecture studio Manoj Patel Design Studio has turned the locally produced tiles into a green wall with natural cooling system.

The project is designed to encourage the use of locally produced clay products. It also serves to reduce the use of plastic and metal that have increasingly replaced clay pots.

These clay tiles were installed on the shaded outdoor terrace of a residence in Vadodara, a Gujarati city with an extremely hot climate and temperatures that regularly approach or exceed 40ÂșC.

The system consists of kiln-baked clay tiles, placed in a way that takes advantage of natural cooling, stimulates the local economy and gives an original touch to the wall.

These creative clay roof tiles are best suited to arid climates, as the clay surface absorbs water from the plants and when air comes in contact with the surface it releases fresh air.

Produced by local artisans, the V-shaped clay tiles are slightly modified with the addition of small grooves to help the tiles come together. Fixed to the wall with cement, the textural wall is assembled by hand and comprises tiles arranged in a zigzag pattern. The “pockets” created by two V-shaped tiles placed opposite each other are used to hold plants and lights or can be sealed to create a small surface to place objects.

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