A New 72-cell Polycrystalline Solar Panel Breaks Power Records With Up To 350 Wp

In a new twist to its range of REC TwinPeak panels, the Norwegian company REC has just announced a new 72-cell polycrystalline module that has become the most powerful on the market, according to the firm, with a nominal output power 350 Wp (peak watt).

REC TwinPeak 2s 72 is the new proposal for a multicrystalline solar panel that, in addition to improving in power and performance compared to the previous products in the range, reduces the weight of the panel to 22 kilos, which is approximately four below the average for this type of structures, which facilitates its handling and shortens installation times.

These panels incorporate different technologies under development by REC, specifically larger cells to increase production ; cells with PERC technology to increase light collection ; a junction box that allows the panels to have an innovative design and better performance in shady conditions ; as well as other advances to minimize energy losses.

The panel, with its 1,000 and 1,500 V settings, totally avoids induced potential degradation (PID), minimizing losses in difficult climatic conditions such as excess temperature or humidity.

REC TwinPeak 2s 72 “responds to the needs of our customers in the industrial and commercial area, as well as large-scale ones, who demand large, lighter and high-power panels,” says Cemil Seber, Vice President of Global Marketing at REC, about this new proposal, the latest in a range that began to work years ago and that introduced its first product to the market in early 2015, when the TwinPeak REC 60-cell panel, awarded with the Intersolar award, was launched. Since then, the company has offered three other solutions, in addition to this 72-cell panel, whose linear nominal power guarantee is up to 25 years.

More information in REC TwinPeak 2s 72.

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