A Revolutionary Mussel-inspired Adhesive That Closes Wounds In 60 Seconds

Revolutionary mussel-inspired sticker

Mussels have the incredible ability to stick to rocks or any other surface in or out of water with such force that scientists have been studying them for years. Research is giving revolutionary results, we already have  a new adhesive protein that is capable of suturing wounds in 60 seconds.

The discovery is the merit of scientists from South Korea’s Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH). It was discovered a year ago, but until now it had not been possible to develop a version with practical uses.

The new adhesive combines the proteins of the mussel and tyrosine (an amino acid present in the wings of some insects). Its mixture builds a powerful adhesive that is activated by light.

Researchers have already tested the adhesive, and it is capable of closing bleeding wounds in sixty seconds, both internal and external.

This new adhesive not only helps suture wounds, it does so without causing inflammation as occurs with sutures or surgical staples. It also has no toxicity.

[ POSTECH  via  Science Direct  /  es.gizmodo.com ]

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