A Year Without Plastic, Merren Tait Has Achieved It

One year without plastic

In July 2013, Merren Tait, a New Zealand resident, began a year in which she set herself the task of not buying anything with plastic, nothing at all. At the end of that year, in the photo you can see the total plastic waste  it produced.

The image itself answers many of the questions we ask ourselves on a daily basis, especially one How can we reduce our waste? A story of those that inspire, a story that reminds us of  Lauren Singer, a young New Yorker who  claims that she does not produce any type of garbage.

Merren decided to start her crusade against plastic after watching the documentary Midway: Message from the Gyre, which we share with you below.

His residues in that year were:

  • Special cat food – your cat has suffered from allergies all his life. She was unwilling to make her suffer as a result of her personal choice.
  • Receipts – Thermal printers only work on paper with plastic.
  • Accidental Plastic – not knowing there was plastic in something when you bought it.
  • Gift wrap – people carefully choosing plastic-free gifts and then shipping them in the plastic courier bags.
  • Starving plastic – this hardly happened to her, but once or twice she was forced to buy food in plastic out of hunger and having no alternative.

The best way to fight plastic waste is to think like our grandparents thought, remember that plastic has been in common use since the late 1970s. The best advice Merren gives us is to be resourceful.

Merren gives us some tips to reduce our plastic waste, from the experience of a person who practically does not buy plastics.

  • Prepare for trouble. Plastic is intended to make our life easier, stopping using it will make your life a little more complicated. But don’t worry, once you organize your life well without plastic, everything will be easier.
  • Ask the grandparents : They lived when plastic did not exist, they know how to live without it, they will guide you to be able to replace plastic with methods that they used.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask.
  • Incorporate small changes that will bring big results. Reusable water bottle, ceramic mugs, aluminum cookware …
  • Very important: Buy in bulk, it is essential.

The amount of plastic that is thrown away or just anywhere every day around the world is incalculable. This plastic has and will have an environmental impact on the planet that will suffer many generations after ours, and worst of all, it does not appear to be reversible.

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