Adidas Launches The First Sneakers That Can Be Recycled Over And Over Again

Can you imagine wearing shoes that are 100% recyclable? Adidas designed a model that they promise can be thrown away and made new without losing material along the way.

Adidas has a circular economy project, where raw materials can be reused several times. It is a new model for its production.

FutureCraft.loop, the shoe of the future.

It is a type of shoes that will be made with plastic waste extracted from the oceans, 100% reusable, this means that once they are discarded, they can be recycled 100% to make a new shoe again.

Sneakers usually have a mix of various materials glued together. This fact limits and hinders its possibility of recycling.

However, Adidas managed to change the process as it only uses one type of material and does not require glue. The sneaker features a woven upper and has a Boost foam sole. All components of the shoe are fused together using heat.

So far it is a prototype, which is being tested with 200 people with great influence in the digital world. They will have to run and try on the shoes, then share their experience on social media.

Once it passes the testing process, it is expected that they can be commercially launched in 2021.

The great advantage it has is that it only has one material. The older models have 12 to 15 different types of materials, which makes the recycling process very difficult. They also contain glue, which makes the task even more complicated.

Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).

It is the material used by the multinational for the new shoe prototype. It is a polyurethane plastic with many properties, including transparency, elasticity, resistance to oil, grease and abrasion. It is composed of thermoplastic elastomers.

When the shoes are discarded and returned to the factory, they are washed and ground into granules. The material melts and becomes raw material again.

The proposal is part of an adidas plan to fight plastic pollution in the oceans, which is a major concern worldwide.

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