Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electric Barbecues

Electric grill. Image: Dan Kosmayer Shutterstock

Roasted meat or vegetables are a delicious meal for many. There are several types of barbecues or grills, they differ by the type of fuel they use. This time we will talk about electric barbecues, their advantages and disadvantages. To illustrate this particular article we will look at the type of weber barbecues.

When we talk about making a barbecue there are different ways. According to the tastes of each person, choose the way they like best to grill the meat or vegetables. This could be said to be done according to different hierarchies. In each of them using a different form of fuel.

Hierarchies of outdoor grills.

When we talk about hierarchies, we refer to the different tastes and ways of preparing and enjoying an outdoor barbecue. Get to know each one of them.

First level.

For people of this level, a good outdoor grill should be made up of stones and hard wood, which form the embers. This level is made up of extreme purists.

Second level.

At this level it is believed that there is only one way to achieve a good outdoor grill. It should have a smoky flavor that is achieved using charcoal briquettes and hardwood shavings.

Third level.

At this level are the propane sympathizers. Those who think that you don’t need a solid fuel source to get a quality outdoor grill.

Fourth level.

In this group are those who do not believe that a fire is necessary to prepare a good barbecue in the open air. For them it is enough to use an electric barbecue. If you find yourself in this group of people, I can recommend weber electric barbecues. A barbecue to enjoy for a long time thanks to its quality of materials and manufacture.

Electric barbecue. Image: Mccallk69 Shutterstock

Advantages and disadvantages of electric barbecues

This model of barbecues has important advantages that make it the one chosen by many people. In the same way, it has some disadvantages that you must know to make the best choice.


Among the advantages we can find:

  • It does not use fuels: This avoids the storage inside the home of fuels that can be dangerous. You can use the barbecue at any time as long as there is electricity.
  • Easy to use: There is no fire or embers to burn. There is no need to use a propane tank to adjust safety valves. You just need to plug in and turn on to start cooking.
  • Less dirt: By not using charcoal or emitting smoke, they do not pollute the environment and the grill is made more neatly.
  • Quick: They only need a few minutes to heat up and start cooking.
  • Safety: Electric barbecues do not generate fire, this makes them safer. They cannot cause a fire and it is more difficult to get burned while preparing meat or vegetables.
  • Less expensive and easier to clean: Electricity is cheaper than coal or propane. Electric grills have a tray that collects grease, making them easier to clean.
  • More sustainable : If it is the case that your home has 100% renewable energy contracted, your electric barbecue will use 100% clean electricity.


Among the drawbacks we can find:

  • Less flavor: An electric barbecue does not give the smoky flavor of wood and embers.
  • Smaller size: They are not large, this makes it difficult to use in case of making a barbecue for a party or meeting with many people.
  • They cannot be used in all occasions: Although they are very functional, they cannot be used in places where there are no electrical outlets. Like parks or somewhere you want to camp. 

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