Advantages Of Using Led Lights At Home

Today, very few people are not yet familiar with LEDs. The truth is that since they came on the market, they have taken over. We can find them in any corner; from in private homes to lighting in industrial buildings or public lighting. The truth is that who does not like to save?

LED lights and bulbs are all advantages : they allow us to save, they do not pollute and they last longer. Those who use them know it. But if there is someone who has lost himself in the subject of LEDs and still has traditional bulbs in his house , here you can find out the equivalence between LED and traditional bulbs, whether they are halogen, incandescent or fluorescent. Today we will talk about the many advantages that LED lights have, so that from now on, do not use others.

Respectful with the environment.

LED bulbs are much safer and less polluting compared to their predecessors, traditional bulbs. LED bulbs are manufactured without any polluting chemical substance ; on the contrary, traditional light bulbs were made, among other things with tungsten and mercury, which made them highly polluting.

In fact, traditional bulbs such as halogen ones cannot just be thrown away, they need to be treated once they stop working, so that these chemical materials do not contaminate the environment. LED bulbs, however, do not need to be treated in a special plant once they stop working.

Longer shelf life.

The lifespan of LED bulbs is simply impressive. It is estimated that the maximum life so far recorded of an LED bulb is 50,000 hours, that is, almost 6 years when switched on 24 hours a day. Also, unlike traditional bulbs, which only withstood a certain number of cycles, the number of times we turn the light on and off does not affect its performance or its useful life.

It does not transmit heat.

All the energy that LED lights and bulbs receive is used to give light, unlike the bulbs that have been used until now. Traditional light bulbs transform part of the energy they receive into heat, which is why it is dangerous to touch them if they have been on for a long time.

Savings in electricity consumption.

Obviously, the best advantage is the savings in electricity consumption that LED lights favor. Once we install them at home we will see how the electricity bill is considerably reduced. Depending on the number of lights you want to change, you will be saving between 50% -80% of your electricity consumption.

Types of LED bulbs. Image: Ludinko Shutterstock

It emits the same amount of light every time.

From the first minute they are turned on, LED lights emit the same amount of light, the maximum they are capable of. In comparison, for example, with energy saving lights, which require a short period of time to illuminate at full power.

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