Airy, The Natural Air Purifier For Your Home

Our health depends a lot on the air we breathe, on the air in our environment. Today we are talking about Airy, a modern planter specially designed to help clean the air in your home or office.

For the most part, cities around the world unfortunately share its appalling air quality. Our buildings, our houses, are not prepared to fight against this silent pollution.

There are still factories in cities that fill the air with pollutants, putting the health of all of us at risk, particularly those most sensitive to environmental pollutants. Improving the quality of the air in your home or office will greatly improve your quality of life.

Airy, natural air purifier.

Helge B. Knickmeier looked to NASA indoor plants as inspiration for the report Ornamental Plants for Lowering Indoor Air Pollution ( NASA Clean Air Study ) and applied it to the design of Airy – a smart planter It exposes the root system of plants to naturally remove toxins from the air.

Peer-Arne Böttcher would launch as co-founder and CEO. And they launched a successful funding campaign on Kickstarter, with the intention of producing the first edition of Airy.

Airy reminds us how technology can improve our quality of life without the need for complicated gadgets. The apparent simplicity of this planter can deceive you when you open the box, but nothing is further from the truth, the box contains the plastic planter, the instructions, volcanic stones and activated carbon. You will need some soil and the plant of your choice. It is advisable to use a vegetable substrate formed by volcanic stone, zeolite and pumice stone, which you can buy together with the pot.

Not all plants are the same when it comes to cleaning pollutants from the air. Ekonexo recommends many on its website, potos, orchids, ficus, ribbons, Drácena, tiger tongue, depending on the type of pollutant to be removed, if there are children in the house, pets, the orientation of the house and even the geographical area You also have some recommendations in the product box. We choose the tiger’s tongue ????

It is one of the first home planter designs to expose the root system for further air purification. It is the first completely autonomous design, without the need for electricity that allows the roots to be ventilated / aerated naturally. NASA recommends the use of this pot.

I will place it in my room, next to a window with plenty of natural light. The 1.7-liter water reserve in the pot keeps the soil moist for more than a week. It is to fill it and forget.

But we must be careful with the excess of direct natural light, although this plant is very resistant, the excess of direct light can cause the leaves to yellow and its purifying effect diminishes due to the stress that we cause in the plant. They recommend an indirect exposure.

The benefits of having plants at work are many and varied, from increasing productivity, reducing illness, casualties or stress, or reducing noise levels.

The direct benefits of plants, in addition to air purification elements, can be found in the development of biophilia, which is the incorporation of natural elements in indoor spaces that improve the well-being, creativity and even productivity of those who they coexist with elements from nature.

Airy is actually a passive air purifier. No need to change filters, no electricity, no complicated sensors or apps, which will make its useful life longer. It does not require electricity for its operation, nor software updates.

The science behind the design amplifies the beneficial effects of indoor plants for faster toxin absorption. This is achieved with a modern design that adapts to any aesthetic.

AIRY is the first pot that takes care of plants and air quality, thanks to its design it massifies the purifying effect of a plant, allows better growth, takes care of its health thanks to its self-watering system.

It helps plants to eliminate toxic volatile organic compounds, present in a large part of cleaning products, paints, furniture, textiles, toys, …, 63% more reduction of formaldehyde than in a traditional pot and also allows to eliminate toxins that do not They could be eliminated in a traditional pot (xylene and toluene), as well as allowing the plant to reduce the levels of nicotine in the air by up to 86%, which is very relevant for houses with smokers.

It is made of polypropylene, a long-life and recyclable plastic.

On its ekonexo website, you can find different pot models, adapted to different needs, if someone is interested you can use the code ECOINVENTOS10 to get a 10% discount on your purchase.

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