Aliaksei Zholner’s Fantastic Paper Engines

Aliaksei Zholner's fantastic paper engines

Aliaksei Zholner is a youtuber who stands out for building engines with paper, whose operation is similar to a real engine.

Its practical function is questionable, but such a motor can be used to create educational models for the study of the operation of different types of motors with cheap and sustainable material.

From its first engine more than five years ago, to the one presented just over a month ago, the complexity of the design has increased dramatically, until it reached a V8 model from just over a week ago. So that you understand the complexity of the creation, the motor fits in the plastic of a 32 x 24 x 27 mm chocolate egg. The diameter of the cylinders that is 5.5 mm or the displacement of 1,058 cubic mm.

Aliaksei uses compressed air in a balloon as “fuel” for its engines.

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