Americans Are Receiving Mysterious Seeds In The Mail From China

Unsolicited packets of seeds have appeared in the mail of US citizens across the country, and officials believe they were shipped from China.

Many of these mysterious packages were mislabeled as jewelry and had text written in Chinese.

They have appeared in mailboxes in a growing number of states in recent days, including Kansas, Utah, Arizona and Ohio, according to USA Today.

The Kansas State Department of Agriculture advises residents not to plant these seeds, as they could be invasive species.

Invasive species wreak havoc on the environment, displacing or destroying native plants and insects, and severely damaging crops.

Press release.

Officials also said to avoid opening the packages if they are still sealed.

Police in Whitehouse, Ohio, believe that the seeds could be part of a scam, in which an online seller sends unsolicited packages to someone in order to leave product reviews on their behalf to increase the credibility of their Online store. But it has gotten out of hand …

Washington State Department of Agriculture officials believe the seeds could be part of an agricultural smuggling scheme.

Photo: Washington State Department of Agriculture.

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