Are Animals Killed To Produce Vegetarian Food?

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One of the most controversial questions on the quora portal  :  Are animals killed in the process of farming vegetarian foods?

The vast majority of the answers are in favor of the thesis that the cultivation of organic or ecological food is harmful to animals. How could it be otherwise when the question itself is absurd, since “any human action” has an effect on the environment, and in the times that we live the vast majority negative.

But the question that we would ask would be, Does organic or traditional agriculture kill more animals? What agriculture has a more negative impact on the environment, ecological or traditional? and I’m sure you can think of many more …

We share some of the answers:

  • Many. A lot of. There is no snake that moves fast enough to escape the plow. Most rodents and rabbits, especially the young, also end up being minced and used as soil compost. This without counting the insects.
    In large-scale agriculture, organic or not, during tillage that removes all the soil from half a meter deep to the surface. That destroys burrows and directly kills any animal or insect that lives underground. It is unavoidable.
  • Some farmers till the field following a pattern that cornered these animals to ensure that they kill as many of them as possible; not out of malice, but out of necessity, to control them. Either they eat or we eat.
  • Your real question should have been, are the animals harmed in growing and gathering any food I eat? The answer is, of course, yes. Nothing you do in everyday life does not kill another life. Drive? Fly? Walk? Guaranteed you’ve killed something.
  • It is about accepting that to eat you have to kill and believing otherwise reveals a complete lack of knowledge in the cities about where the food comes from. Talk to any farmer, large or small, organic or conventional, and they will tell you exactly the same thing. Whoever says otherwise does not know what he is talking about or does not know reality.
  • With 70% of the cereal production of the United States it is fed to cattle. The consumption of meat continues to be the main reason for the high number of deaths of animals through cereal production.
  • In addition to all those inevitable deaths, ‘organic’ farming relies on using mainly animal manure as fertilizer for the land. And animal manure comes, for the most part, from animals that are kept locked up and raised to provide meat, milk or eggs.
  • Even the simple act of tilling the land kills the animals. I looked behind the big tractors at the flocks of seagulls eating freshly exposed worms and insects. Then there is the spraying of cereal grains to kill insects that would otherwise spoil the grain.
  • Planting begins by killing and cleaning the soil of animals. Believing that no animal will be injured during the agriculture process is an anthropomorphic fantasy of people who are alien to nature that gave birth to us as predators and as omnivores.
  • Probably a lot of small mammals and reptiles. Certainly many insects. And, of course, billions of bacteria.

Given these answers, those who advocate agriculture less harmful to animals are postulated, for example hydrological farms and crops.

Hydroponic crops

And you do you think?

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