Artificial Island In Europe Will Provide Renewable Energy To 80 Million People. Amazing!

Welcome to Dogger Island: An artificial island in the North Sea that could supply 80 million people in Europe with renewable energy by 2050.

Europe plans to build an artificial island, with a port and an airport, designed to act as a hub for large offshore wind farms that will supply 80 million people with renewable energy.

The 6.5-square-kilometer island would collect energy from thousands of new wind turbines to be installed offshore.

Germany is working with the Netherlands and Denmark to plan and build the new island that will supply power to the northwestern European countries.

The island would be connected to the United Kingdom, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Belgium.

It would be built at Dogger Bank in the North Sea.

The island is expected to have solar farms to generate maximum power. It will also have a port and landing strip for easy access.

Reports indicate that the project will be complicated, for example, the construction of the foundations of the artificial island will cost around 1.35 billion euros, according to the first estimates.

A project that seems a bit crazy but, if carried out, could lower the cost of wind energy produced offshore.

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