Attenborough: “if We Destroy Nature, We Destroy Ourselves”

An interesting interview with Prince William of Great Britain with naturalist David Attenborough, where he advised world leaders to protect nature to preserve human survival.

This interview took place during the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. The 92-year-old naturist David Attenborough addressed world leaders and the business elite gathered there.

He emphasized his speech that we must respect and protect nature since the future of the planet’s survival depends on it. Highlighting that the survival of humanity is in our hands.

Attenborough said:

“We can destroy it easily. We can destroy it without even knowing we are doing it. If we destroy the natural world, in the end, we will ruin ourselves.

How young people can have a positive impact on the environment.

To this question, asked by the Duke of Cambridge, the naturist answered confidently.

“It is necessary to be aware that each breath of air, each food that we put into our mouth, comes from nature.”

If we harm the natural world, we are ultimately harming ourselves.

It is important to understand that the core of human life is a healthy planet.

World leaders hesitate when facing environmental challenges.

An important question asked by Prince William to the naturalist. Why do world leaders hesitate to face environmental challenges? Regarding this question Attenborough indicated:

“Because the connection between the natural world and the urban world, human society, since the Industrial Revolution, has been remote and is expanding. We did not realize the effects of what we were doing ‘out there’. But now we are seeing that almost everything we do has its echoes, its consequences throughout the natural world ”.

He thinks it is difficult to overstate the urgency of the crisis generated by climate change. In the documentary Blue Planet II, Attenborough showed the damaging impact that our actions have on the oceans.

During his conversation with the prince he noted:

“Now we have to be very aware of the dangers of what we are doing. And we already know that plastics in the seas are causing irreparable damage to marine life ”.

He also made a comparison in this interview, in relation to how the world has changed since its inception in 1950:

“The human population was only a third of what it is today … you really feel what it could have been like to be in the Garden of Eden.” He said comparing with today.

Despite all that Attenborough, who this Monday received an honor at the Crystal Awards of the World Economic Forum, says he feels hopeful about the future of the planet.

He commented to the BBC:

“There is a source of great optimism here, we have the knowledge, we have the power to live in harmony with that natural world.”

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