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Circo Roncalli: The Cruelty-free Circus That Uses Holograms Instead Of Animals

Holograms instead of animals and the goal of cruelty-free shows: the magical circus of the future is called Roncalli. The Roncalli Circus represents the new cruelty-free frontier of traveling shows. Abandoning the anachronistic and cruel use of animals, this German circus has always been committed to promoting alternative and innovative shows. Circo Roncalli: the story.

The Moses Bridge In Holland

photo © RO & AD Architects No, your eyes are not deceiving you – the waters have opened! This incredible “sunken” bridge located in the Netherlands is giving visitors a unique way to access a beautiful 17th century Dutch fortress. photo © RO & AD Architects Designed by RO & AD Arquitectos, the Moses Bridge

What Is The Greenhouse Effect?

If we talk about the changes that the planet has undergone in the last century, without a doubt the most serious is the greenhouse effect. This is a natural process that occurs when solar radiation is absorbed by some gases in the atmosphere and is again returned to the inner surface of the planet, resulting