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Pet-tree. Vertical Cultivation System

Pet-Tree is designed as an alternative system to traditional organic cultivation plantations, with the aim of promoting the use of 5-liter PET bottle waste , thus facilitating its recycling. Easy to assemble and use, it is aimed at small areas, with less water use (through the continuity of the water cycle within the system, eliminating

The “infinitely” Recyclable Polymer, With The Properties Of Plastics, The Hope To End Them

The world fell in love with plastics because they are cheap, strong, light and durable. Those same properties are turning plastics into an enemy of the earth, they are polluting our planet by land and sea. Chemists from Colorado State University have announced in the journal Science another big step towards sustainable and waste-free materials

Kia Niro Ev, Kia’s New Electric Suv

Kia presented the Niro EV Concept in Las Vegas. Announcements about the electrification of the range and the evolution of technology are important in the short and medium term. It could be on the market at the end of 2018, it will be the first of the 16 new cars of the Korean multinational. Autonomy

New 500, Fiat’s First Electric Car

The new electric Fiat 500 is a milestone for Fiat. The first 100% electric model in the history of the Italian manufacturer. The new Fiat 500 is based on a new specific platform and debuts some technologies such as assisted driving: it has been designed only with battery power and will arrive at European dealerships