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4 Surprising Ways Big Cities Are Becoming More Sustainable

Plastic bottle recycling machine. Image: Rokas Tenys Shutterstock One way to reduce some environmental problems is to use the by-products as raw material for other economic activities. Here are four alternatives, ranging from plastic waste to cockroaches. Methane gas for buses in Karachi. The Green Climate Fund and the Asian Development Bank are financing a

Windcity, A Hydrokinetic Turbine To Produce Electricity In Any Stream Of Water

The turbine was tested in the French laboratories of the National Institute for the Exploitation of Marine Resources. Its particular variable geometry makes it ideal to take advantage of any turbulent water stream. With no dams or large infrastructure, the WindCity turbine uses the variable geometry of water flows to produce clean energy. WindCity’s hydrokinetic

Children’s Beekeeping Manual

This manual aims to give some basic knowledge about beekeeping work, especially to the smallest of the house. Beekeeping is a practice in which through the care of bees we obtain direct benefits (honey, pollen, propolis …) and indirect (pollination of plants). A complete definition would be “the applied science that studies the honeybee and

Serrated Teeth On Blades To Increase The Energy Production Of Wind Turbines

Serrated teeth wind turbine blades. Image: Bernd Zillich – Shutterstock. Researcher Elena Llorente Trujillo, in her doctoral thesis, has studied how the installation of serrated teeth on the trailing edge of the blades influences the aerodynamic performance of wind turbines. Their results could increase the efficiency of wind turbines. These devices and their effectiveness in