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How To Make Armchairs With Repurposed Barrels

How to make armchairs with repurposed barrels. Image: VPales Shutterstock A very original project, with which you can make a set of armchairs using barrels. It will be something new, made by you and that your friends will love. Do you dare? If you have a bit of agility with the use of tools, you

Free Plans Of Ecological Houses Online

These  green houses have been designed by renowned architects such as Frank Gehry, Canadian Pritzker Prize winner, for a project to rebuild a New Orleans neighborhood destroyed by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. It is promoted by actor Brad Pitt. Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans in 2005. Thousands of people were left homeless. The United States

Woobots, The Wooden Transformers

A project to make wooden robots, like Transformers, which are going to be a Christmas success.  In Kickstarter I was looking for financing for USD $10,000, and today they have more than USD $40,000. And they still have 17 days left, so the final figure could easily multiply by 10 what they were looking for.