Autonomous Solar Chargers For Electric Vehicles, Without Connection To Commercial Electricity Grid

Electrify America has announced a $2 million investment in Envision Solar’s infrastructure. An effort that will increase the access of rural Californians to electric vehicle charging.

The investment will serve to install 30 solar- powered “EV ARC 2020” charging stations with two Level 2 EV chargers each and help Electrify America continue to expand access to public charging options throughout rural California.

The EV ARC 2020 charging stations include two Tier 2 chargers capable of supplying 6 kW. The units have 32 kWh of local energy storage and a 4.28 kilowatt solar tracking panel. The system enables true off-grid EV charging with 100% renewable electricity and can be placed where there is currently no access to an adequate supply of electricity to support electric vehicle charging.

Envision Solar’s innovative technology enables us to offer renewable energy solutions for electric vehicle charging. In addition to supporting California’s broader air quality goals, this investment increases safe and low-cost charging solutions to California residents living outside of major metropolitan areas, further demonstrating that electric vehicles are for everyone. .

Giovanni Palazzo, President and CEO of Electrify America.

These 30 stations will provide access to sustainable electric vehicle charging to drivers in rural areas, including California’s Central, Coachella and Imperial Valleys.

Electrify America reports that these stations will have a minimal impact on the environment because they do not require work to install them. They just leave them on the site and turn them on:

Thanks to the custom size and flexible nature of the EV ARC ™ 2020, stations can be deployed quickly and without the need for expensive or complex construction. In just a few minutes they can be assembled, the chargers can easily fit into a standard parking lot, preserving available parking.

Electric vehicles accounted for about 8% of California car sales in 2019, but EV penetration remains below average in rural areas. Electrifying the deployment of our solar-powered electric vehicle charging products in the United States will help the state move closer to its goal of 250,000 charging stations by 2025, while making fully emission-free driving available to those most. they need it. We look forward to continuing to support Electrify America’s efforts now and in the future.

Desmond Wheatley, CEO of Envision Solar.

In a perfect world, all EV charging would be made from 100% renewable sources. Local energy storage is critical for installations like this.

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