Basic Online Composting Course

Basic online composting course

As you know, we are increasingly concerned about the protection of the environment and we are more aware that recycling is the key to protecting the world in which we live. Today we propose you an online course that will help you both to respect our planet by taking advantage of the organic waste we generate and to have your gardens and plants perfect.

It is taught by ClassOnLive, a videoconference training platform, in which Manuel Bonilla, biologist and researcher, will solve all the doubts you have live but online, from wherever you are.

It is called Basic Online Composting Course, and in it you will learn about the environmental, social and economic benefits offered by recycling organic waste for composting. You will learn the basic scientific foundations, hygiene measures, the necessary tools, the details of the process and how to solve the problems that arise in the preparation of compost and vermicompost.

The online course costs only 9 euros, starts on July 5 and lasts two hours. It includes a manual so that you have everything covered at hand and you can consult it whenever you want. In addition to knowing which methods are the most advisable according to your age and particular needs. Some more concepts that will be addressed in the course are:

  • Definition of compost and composting.
  • Importance and benefits of composting.
  • Organic matter degradation process.
  • Biotic components.
  • Abiotic components.
  • Composting process.
  • Necessary equipment.
  • Choice of site.
  • Compostable organic matter.
  • Storage of materials.
  • Mix of materials.
  • Compost care.
  • Harvesting the compost.
  • Problem solving.
  • Containers.
  • Elaboration of vermicompost.
  • Compost uses.

You must remember that this online course will help you save on chemical fertilizers, garbage collection, reduce pollution and get a mulch for your natural, healthy, fertile and balanced soil. Change the way you dispose of your trash.

You can access the course at this link.


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