Batteriser Multiplies Battery Life By Eight

Batteriser multiplies battery life by eight

I just learned that the batteries that we throw away because they no longer work in our gadgets, they still conserve 80% of their energy. And how can this be? AAA batteries, the traditional non-rechargeable batteries, are prepared to offer a constant output of 1.5 v, but when this electrical potential drops to 1.4 v more or less, the battery becomes unusable for most of the batteries. gadgets. Incredible but true, we throw away the batteries when they still have 80% of their charge.


Bob Roohparvar, CEO of Batteriser, has been looking for a solution to this problem for a long time, trying to make batteries useful as long as they have power. And it seems that he has found the solution, Batteriser is a small device that is attached to the battery and extracts the remaining energy but without practically altering its size, and manages to keep the voltage constant at 1.5v. Roohparvar ensures that in most of the batteries tested its useful life is multiplied by eight.


Amazing! This device alone is capable of reducing the world’s battery consumption by 8! And what is no less important, it can be used over and over with as many batteries as you want.


You can imagine the face that has been left to the industry dedicated to the manufacture of conventional batteries. Roohparvar assures that they have assaulted the company’s headquarters taking computers and all kinds of documents, that he has received millionaire offers for his company and patents, but he is determined that this product goes on the market and will seek financing through crowdfunding, leaving the product on sale in the fall if all goes well at a price that could be around $3 a unit.

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