Belu. Biodegradable Bottles.


BELU Natural mineral water, has launched the first completely biodegradable water bottle, made 100% with corn, on the UK market. This bottle will degrade in just 12 weeks, thousands of times faster than traditional plastics.

This Bio-container is the latest initiative from BELU, a British organization dedicated to promoting water projects thanks to the profits obtained with BELU. Working in partnership with WaterAid, each bottle of BELU water purchased in the UK provides one month of water to someone in India or Africa. KPMG audits and verifies donations from Belu.

Belu was developed by a group of environmentally friendly companies that want to do business in a positive and different way. This group includes Gordon Roddick, John Bird, Ben Goldsmith, Clifford Chancey Lewis Moberly Design, NatureWorks® PLA and Planet Friendly Products, the latter who had already worked with the first biodegradable water bottle BIOTA in Colorado, the first company in the world. , which used plastic containers derived from corn.

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