Bh Presents Its New Electric E-bike Xtep Models

BH presents the new E-Bike Xtep range with 155 km of autonomy, 720 Wh battery and Shimano STEPS E8000 electric motor.

BH presents its new Xtep e-bike models, aimed at cyclists who do not want to compromise their use in the mountains, guaranteeing a range of 155 km, thanks to the 720 Wh battery and the Shimano STEPS E8000 electric motor. BH renews the concept of adventure in eco mode, already launched with the Atom X models, evolving the style.

The new Xteps are the result of the brand’s experience in the world of trail and enduro, combining the experience that BH has accumulated in the world of electric bicycles, thus presenting an innovative and highly sought-after design for off-road use. road. Thanks to the patented X System, developed in collaboration with Item Design Works, it allows to obtain a high rigidity to the frame due to the fact that the diagonal tube is triple extruded, without cutting or CNC machining that can modify the characteristics of the part.

E-bike BH eMTB Xtep: technical characteristics.

The new Xteps are equipped with the Shimano STEPS E8000 motor, a compact and light electric motor weighing only 2.88 kg, with a torque of 70 NM and 130 rpm maximum, which allows cyclists to try their luck even on the roads. more difficult, in which the legs ask for help, relying on a reliable and well-running engine. It is supplied with a screen called Firebolt Display configurable in three levels of assistance Dynamic, Explorer or Custom depending on the style of the trip and the route you are going.

The winning point of the Xtep family is undoubtedly its range of 155 km, thanks to the 720 Wh battery, housed in the diagonal, with the new 21700 cells the best energy density in the 5 Ah panorama.

The Xtep frame continues with the Atom X shapes. With a front triangle with aggressive and extreme lines, its Stand Over allows us to move well on the bike thanks to the inclination of the top tube. The down tube shape allows for ample fork and wheel clearance for Enduro and Aggresive Trail use.

Xtep with the Full Suspension range integrates Split Pivot technology, this system allows you to separately exercise the three forces that occur during the use of your bicycle, that is, pedaling, braking and suspending, in order to improve performance and experience during a jump, so that the forces do not affect negatively.

The diagonal tube offers maximum rigidity, has a triple extrusion and no type of cutting or CNC that alters its properties or weakens it.

The hydroformed top tube wraps around the head tube defining the shapes of the Xtep and increasing the strength of the front triangle.

The internal frame cabling (including the cable for the dropper post) runs naturally through the down tube, bottom bracket, rear triangle and asymmetric seat post on the Lynx range.

The arrangement of the cables prevents them from having any type of friction and allows easy maintenance.

The frame integrates a 32-38T chain guide and a chain guard on the chainstays and rear seatstays.

Its 148×12 Boost rear axle and low center of gravity ensure a responsive and stable bike.

On the double suspension Xtep, the asymmetric seat tube has allowed the suspension system to be freely designed and keeps the SAG adjustment indicator visible to the rider.

The asymmetric design of the seatpost integrates the central motor into the bike in a clean and simple way. The inside of the tube contains the cable guides for the dropper post and safety pins to limit the adjustment of the seatpost.

The Xtep models are offered in 3 sizes (S, M and L) to guarantee the perfect fit for each user.

The battery can be charged to 80% capacity in 3 hours. thanks to the 4A fast charger.

The range that BH has chosen for Xtep is divided into two groups, the first with full suspension that includes 4 models:

  • Xtep LYNX 5.5 PRO-SE from 6,699 €
  • Xtep LYNX 5.5 PRO-S from 5,999 €
  • Xtep LYNX 5.5 PRO from 5,299 €
  • Xtep LYNX 5.5 PRO-L from 4,499 €

The second group includes 3 models with simple suspension and also points to an E-MTB for urban use, called CROSS PRO:

  • Xtep PRO from 4,999 €
  • Xtep CROSS PRO from € 4,299
  • Xtep PRO S from € 4,199
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