Bike Path On Rails.

As we saw past days with the Tecnotren, today we are going to show something similar but with a bicycle.

We all agree that bicycles are undoubtedly one of the most eco-friendly forms of transport right now. In the world, there are many disused train tracks, Will is a boy who has decided to value those tracks that are no longer used. He modified his bicycle so that he could travel along unused railway lines with the help of a seesaw.

Use a device on the front wheel to keep the bike in line with the rail. A stabilizer is installed on the bike, in order to connect it to the other rail. There are no welding or complicated installations on the contraption, so anyone can easily convert their bike into a bike train.

You are still in the process of refining, overcoming some issues that have come up, but this may inspire others.

Via: Makezine

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