Bill Gates Goes For Solid State Batteries With Quantumscape

Volkswagen has a close relationship with QuantumScape. The company aims to produce solid-state batteries and appears to be fairly close to doing so, according to CEO Jagdeep Singh. What we didn’t know was that Bill Gates was one of their investors.

According to the CEO of QuantumScape, the company is just trying to find a way to produce its solution on a massive scale.

We have been able to make these cells work and our main challenge now is to increase production.

Jagdeep Singh

According to Singh, his solution solves the main obstacles in current battery technology: autonomy, charging time, cost and safety.

QuantumScape batteries could double the current range of electric cars. The first manufacturer to get them will probably be Volkswagen.

Singh says the company has already tested QuantumScape cells and was very pleased with the results. We could see cars with these new solid state batteries in 2025.

According to Bill Gates, that would solve the problem of domestic mobility, but not all the concerns about emissions. It says that, although transport is the main responsible for carbon emissions, it only accounts for 16% of all emissions in the world. Again, this shows that people who demonize cars do not understand the world as a whole.

Wood Mackenzie pointed out that having mostly electric cars would only flatten the emissions curve from transportation. To make a difference, sustainable trucks, ships, planes, trains and any other means of transport are also needed.

Interestingly, Bill Gates doesn’t seem to see a future at the FCEV, like Nikola trucks. What Gates suggests are alternative fuels.

Alternative fuels would keep carbon emissions stable (since they do not come from fossil fuels, thus taking carbon from the atmosphere millions of years ago). Producing them – as well as electrical energy for batteries – would require clean power plants. Gates relies on fourth-generation nuclear power.

People make up all kinds of conspiracy theories around his name. Fortunately, he does not care about them and continues to dedicate his foundation to the problems that threaten humanity on a global scale.

A simple example is making electric vehicles succeed in the United States, Europe and China. And in Africa? Automakers will focus on those countries and Latin America to continue to sell combustion engine vehicles. Used cars that no one wants in developed countries anymore will likely end up there, according to a report by Ariadne Baskin for the UN Environment.

Any effective effort to reduce carbon emissions has to include us all. The COVID-19 pandemic is the most dramatic and stark example that global problems do not understand borders.

Ignoring this will mean that no progress in reducing carbon emissions is sustainable. Plain and simple, it will become an illusion that people will cling to to feel better about themselves. We have a good chance of not making this mistake. At least not again.


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