Bio-toilet. The Toilet Without Installation That Produces Clean Energy

Bio-Toilet HomeBiogas is a portable toilet that allows waste disposal and energy production. It consists of a totally hermetic system that is easy to handle.

Bio Toilet is a toilet that generates biofuel from the decomposition of organic waste. It has a 1.2 liter water pump and does not need to be connected to the water supply or sewer system.

In this way, waste materials that would otherwise pollute rivers and seas are recovered; avoids the use of toxic chemicals in wastewater treatment plants and saves money, energy and materials by treating waste on site.

Decomposition process of organic matter.

Hydrolysis phase.

Insoluble organic polymers break down, making them accessible to the next stage of bacteria called acidogenic bacteria.

Action of acidogenic bacteria.

They convert sugars and amino acids into carbon dioxide, hydrogen, ammonia, and organic acids.

The work of acetogenic bacteria continues.

In the third stage, these bacteria convert organic acids into acetic acid, hydrogen, ammonia and carbon dioxide, allowing the methanogens stage .

Final stage.

Methanogens convert these final components into methane and carbon dioxide, which can be used as green and flammable energy.

While compost toilets may require manual flushing and can attract pests, the system is completely airtight and requires no direct contact or manual disposal.

The digesters receive organic matter decomposes in a digestion chamber.

 The digestion chamber is completely submerged in water, making it an anaerobic (oxygen-free) environment. The anaerobic environment allows microorganisms to break down organic material and turn it into biogas.

Biogas is normally converted into carbon dioxide. Methane gas has approximately 20 to 30 times the heat-trapping capacity of carbon dioxide.

Rather than letting methane gas release into the atmosphere, Bio toilet processes waste into biogas and allows it to be used productively.

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