Biocard. Biodegradable Card.


Biocard ® cards are made using PVC sheets treated so that they are 100% biodegradable.

They have the same characteristics as the standard PVC card used until now: flexibility, resistance, durability and quality in printing. Likewise, they allow all the applications and uses that the rest of plastic cards: RFID, smartcards, wallet card, access control, public transport, citizen card, identification, membership, etc.

 The central sheet is made of homo and copolymers, while the protective layer (overlay) is 100% copolymer. This is a new PVC formulation that arises to meet the demand for green products and meets the requirements of the REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals) standards.

They are manufactured in the same way as PVC cards :

– The design of the front and back of the card is printed on the sheets.
– A transparent sheet protects the card printing from scratches and deterioration on both sides.
– The central sheet contains the chip and the antenna (in the case of contactless cards).
– By means of a process of lamination by temperature all the sheets are united in one.
– An automatic cutting die cuts the sheets into cards, guaranteeing the exact measurements of the ISO 7810/11 standard for plastic cards.

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