Biofy Converts Plastic Garbage Into Light Fuel Oil At Low Cost

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Biofy is a project of students at the University of Malaga in Spain. They have designed a solution to transform plastic garbage into a light fuel oil low in sulfur.

This petroleum derivative is used as a fuel for large engines used in the cement or metallurgical industries, petrochemicals, agricultural machinery and large merchant ships, although it can also be refined to obtain gasoline, diesel or kerosene, so its use is could extend to automobiles.

It has been awarded as the best European startup of the year in the “European Enterprise Challenge 2018”.

Biofy’s fuel has already been successfully tested, its raw material is plastic garbage that cannot be recycled, removing it in the best of cases from landfills, in the worst of seas and oceans.

They are capable of generating 7 liters of fuel for every 10 kg of waste at a price of 0.17 euros / liter. If we add the logistics costs (0.22 euros), its sale price could be about 0.40 euros / liter. The price could even be reduced, since the higher the production plant, the lower the price.

His idea is that there would be a plant with Biofy technology in each recycling center or landfill, so that all waste that would not otherwise be recycled could be used locally. A sensitive area that wants to invest in this project is Almería, where they need to recover plastics from greenhouses, which cannot be recycled.

They are currently looking for financing to be able to build their first pilot plant with the idea of ​​producing 2 tons / day. Its cost is 150,000 euros.

The Biofy team is made up of the engineers Fernando Matías Canale and Daniel Gil-Félez Velazco, the marketing experts Melanie Carril Caccia and Victoria Rubio Sanchez, and the sales manager Marcelo Alejandro Hornillos Paez.


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