Biotope. Room For Birds In Bricks

Biotope.  Room for birds in bricks.

The Biotope brick  is a brick typology designed to create a suitable environment for the life of birds in cities. It was designed specifically with the disappearance of the house sparrow in the Netherlands and the need for nature to recover in cities. The design is contextualized in the traditional red brick facades synonymous with traditional Dutch architecture.

The city sparrow often takes refuge in the cracks in the facades. The Biotope brick believes that it can benefit this natural phenomenon, creating a bird-friendly brick, which can be adapted to a standard brick wall.

The design allows plants and wildlife to coexist with the architecture, forming unexpected patterns of life.

The materials and the manufacturing process of Biotope brick are designed to use natural resources efficiently, the material used is mostly sand and plaster. The sand acts as a molding agent, is poured together with the plaster and is removed by hand after solidification. The shapes of the profiles are unique, defined by the holes and layers of plaster, with which we have multiple possibilities within a standard brick mold.

Of course, everything that is adapting our construction in a way that our plants and animals benefit, we find it interesting. Now, we cannot stop thinking that all these prototypes and projects can only help and not be the solution for our cities to be more respectful with the environment. Of course, these ideas can never replace well-planned and designed green areas in our cities.


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