Blocc, The Reusable Face Shield-glasses Designed To Protect You And Prevent You From Touching Your Face

As you read this article, it is estimated that you will have touched your face 3-4 times. Whether it’s nose picking, chin stroking, or adjusting glasses, humans are programmed to touch their faces and it is very difficult to eliminate such behavior. That is why face shields emerge, to serve as real world barriers.

Have you already touched your face? Sure you do, and although that habit is difficult to change, Blocc makes it easier to do so while you can continue with the day to day.

Helmet visor without the helmet.

Constructed of clear, scratch- and fog-resistant polycarbonate, Blocc is as easy (and comfortable) as wearing a pair of glasses.

Two temples suspend Blocc over the ears, while a nose bridge allows the visor to rest comfortably against the nose, close to your face.

The choice of manufacturing material makes it practically perfect for a face shield. Made from the same polymer as helmet visors (even those found in riot gear), Blocc is transparent, allowing you to see through it with ease, while its strength prevents scratches or scrapes. an accident.

Blocc acts as a constant reminder not to touch your eyes or nose or mouth.

The curved profile of this clear face shield follows the basic shape of your face. This ensures that your entire face is covered from the front, while allowing you to see clearly through your peripheral vision.

Blocc’s anti-fog coating ensures that the face shield is never fogged by your breath, and the fact that it is positioned at a distance from your face means that you can easily wear a mask underneath … and glasses too.

The Blocc nose bridge is completely removable, allowing you to wear it with your glasses on. The top lip of the visor rests on the glasses, keeping it supported, just as 3D glasses would in the cinema.

A secure and comfortable fit means you can even exercise in them, and their curved profile allows you to work like the curved visor of a helmet would, deflecting the wind from your eyes while cycling or scooter.

A perfect balance between safety and style.

The ergonomic and minimalist design makes the Blocc face shield usable anywhere.

It can be worn for hours without the hassle of other face shields or masks, and you can use Blocc many times… just wash it off with soap and water and dry it with a soft towel before each use.

Blocc comes in medium and large sizes, it is collapsible so it is easy to fold and carry in a bag or backpack when you don’t need it.


  • Reusable – Simply wash thoroughly with soap and water by hand after daily use.
  • Durable – Made from clear polycarbonate – a durable material used for goggles.
  • Fog and Scratch Resistant – Coated with fog and scratch resistant layers.

Designer: Henry Kwak.

If you are interested you can buy them at

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